About Us

About Our Business

Here at DL Metal Work, L.L.C., we provide excellent roofing services. We are the contractor for the private home owner. Here at DL Metal Work, L.L.C., you get to work one on one with the persons working. None of our work is sub-contracted out. We are working directly for you. How About That!!!

DL Metal Work, L.L.C. is a full service roofing company serving Louisiana, Southern Mississippi, Houston, Dallas, Conroe and Galveston Texas. We have also provided our services in Memphis, TN, Orlando and Melbourne, FL, Nashville and Smithville, TN. Our personnel consist of career roofers in Metal, Modified Bitumen and conventional roofing. We provide and use the best materials to achieve the results that you, the consumer, are looking for.


We provide old fashioned service and are familiar with roofing codes in various areas. Everything we do is by hand, meaning old fashioned hand nailing and our metal installations are ordered to length and hand
cut for the perfect fit to prevent the rust that the burning of a saw blade would cause.

We provide extensive assistance in choosing shingle and siding colors. Providing you with samples and literature of the products that interest you. Also assisting in deciding on the which manufacturer provide the best product to compliment your ideas.

No job is to small or too large for DL Metal Work to tackle.

Regardless of which metal system you choose; whether it be Berridge Mfg., Gerard, Fabrall, Mueller Inc., Tamko Metal Works, or Vail-Titan Select, we have the experience and knowledge to install your roofing system.