Conventional Roofing

At DL Metal Work, we make Conventional Roofing something different. After Hurricane Katrina, the price of roofing materials went up. The difference in a premium shingle and your normal 30yr. shingle is not much, so give yourself a longer lasting and more durable roof.

Certainteed Shangles

Luxury Shingles

  • Grand Manor Shangle
  • Carriage House Shangle
  • Presidential Shangle
Premium Shingles

  • Independence Shangle
  • Landmark Series
  • Hatteras Shingle

Certainteed offers warranty which range from 30yr. to lifetime. Impact resistant shingles and shingles with 50yr. plus warranties, some insurance companies offer discounts on homeowners policy for upgrading to a more wind resistant shingle.

Elk Corps’ Prestique Grande’ High Definition adds a distinctive look for a very good price. It’s 8″ exposure adds depth and detail that you can see from a distance!!! It’s offered in 4 beautiful colors that will fit any decor.

Elk Corp
Prestique Grande’
Gallery Collection
Cool Color Series
High Definition Profile
Domain Ashford
Domain Winslow